Super Bowl Prop Bet Preview

The Super Bowl stands alone as the one annual sporting event that people want to watch, even if they have absolutely no interest in football. It’s become an entertainment spectacle, with the Halftime Show, the multimillion dollar commercials, and yes, the game itself all drawing people in. Go to any Super Bowl party and you can see this melting pot firsthand – hardcore football fans and people who wouldn’t recognize Tom Brady if they saw him on the street, sitting side-by-side. The Super Bowl brings us together like few other events can, which is why it’s become a cultural landmark.

The problem with the diversity that surely exists at every watch party is that while everyone wants to watch… not everyone actually wants to watch football. And even with all its bells and whistles, the Super Bowl still involves many hours of actual football. The Super Bowl may bring people together, but the trouble becomes how to keep everyone interested.

Fortunately, once upon a time there was a wise Las Vegas bookie, who must have endured a few disastrous Super Bowl parties of their own. They smartly realized that while not everyone likes football, everyone does like to make guesses of what the future holds. Then they thought that since the Super Bowl has expanded far beyond just the final score of the game, why not let people make guesses about other aspects of the event. And with that, Super Bowl prop bets were born! (The actual story is much less flattering for Vegas – sportsbooks tried to take advantage of the hype surrounding William “The Refrigerator” Perry ahead of Super Bowl XX, and offered a 75:1 on whether the defensive tackle would score a touchdown. Unfortunately for Vegas, The Fridge scored a meaningless third quarter touchdown in the Bears’ blowout win… so maybe they weren’t so wise after all).

Nowadays, there is a Super Bowl prop bet for everyone. Are you the guy who loves to bet black or red on the roulette table? Then bet the coin toss for the same thrill, but without those pesky green zeros. Are you only watching for the Halftime Show? Then bet on the first song, what the performer is going to wear, or what other celebrities might make an appearance. Are you actually just a hardcore football fan and hate the spectacle that the Super Bowl has become? Then you can bet on any possible football outcome you can think of. Prop bets are just like the Super Bowl itself – there really is something for everyone!

So if your Super Bowl party needs a bit of a boost, look no further than our official Super Bowl Prop Bet Bonanza. All you have to do is print off a few pages, set the stakes, and have everyone make their picks. Then prepare to be amazed – your friend who doesn’t know a single football rule will suddenly care a lot about what a turnover is and whether one happens in the third quarter.

Now if solo betting is more your thing, we’re here for you too. Below we’ll break down some of our favorite bets and give you our picks. But be warned, we don’t claim to be experts when it comes to Adam Levine’s wardrobe…

The Coin Toss

Heads (-105) or Tails (-105)

As we said, if you want to get your roulette fix from the comfort of your own couch, this is the bet for you. If you aren’t the most patient person in the word this also might be up your alley – you’ll know before kickoff whether you’ve won or lost. And if you pick up the early W, you still have time to reinvest in some more bets before the game actually starts!

Our Pick:  Tails – obviously. Tails Never Fails.

How Long Will It Take Gladys Knight to Sing the National Anthem?

Over (-160)/Under (+120) 1 Minute and 47 Seconds

If the coin toss is like roulette, the national anthem is the Kentucky Derby of Super Bowl prop bets. It’s a race against the clock, over before you even know it. The over is the heavy favorite here, and based on recent history it’s pretty easy to see why:

  • Super Bowl 47 – Alicia Keys: 2:35
  • Super Bowl 48 – Renee Fleming: 1:54
  • Super Bowl 49 – Idina Menzel: 2:04
  • Super Bowl 50 – Lady Gaga: 2:09
  • Super Bowl 51 – Luke Bryan: 2:04
  • Super Bowl 52 – Pink: 1:53

But let’s make the case for the under! Gladys Knight is almost 75, making us think that she probably can’t hold the notes quite like she used to. The last anthem singer who was nearing the end of their career was Renee Fleming who, at 54, clocked in at 1:54. Here’s hoping that the extra 21 years is enough to shave off an extra 8 seconds!

Our Pick:  Under – although there’s always a chance Gladys recognizes this is one of her last moments in the spotlight and gives us a 2:30+ rendition…

How Many Players Will Have a Passing Attempt?

Over (-105)/Under (-135) 2.5 players

It’s a pretty safe bet that both Brady and Goff will throw a pass, so let’s break down the ways where we get a third passer in the game:

  1. One of the quarterbacks gets hurt.
  2. One of the teams attempt a trick play where a non-QB throws the ball.
  3. Another fake punt pass!

We definitely aren’t rooting for #1 to happen, but we are all for #2 and #3. And with the Patriots and Rams playing, we feel pretty strongly that either McVay or Belichick will pull a few plays out of their bag of tricks. You also don’t want to be the guy who is mad when a trick play happens because he loses a bet…

Our Pick:  Over

How Many Plays Will Tony Romo Correctly Predict Ahead of the Play?

Over (-120)/Under (-120) 7.5 times

This is a tough one, as it really comes down to what the bookies mean by “correctly predict”. Sure, if Romo just had to guess run or pass at the start of each play, he would crush the over by midway through the first quarter. If he needs to display the same level of clairvoyance that he did during the AFC Championship, then it’s a lot tougher to manage. As a result, this one is truly a toss-up – and when it’s a toss-up, we like betting on what we actually want to happen. So Tony, here’s hoping you bring your A-game on Sunday – we truly are not worthy.

Our Pick:  Over

How Many Times Will the Broadcast Mention Sean McVay’s Age?

Over (-190)/Under (+145) 1.5 times

In case you haven’t heard, Sean McVay is young. In fact, he’s the youngest coach in Super Bowl history. This fact is guaranteed to be brought up near the start of the game, so the question is whether Jim Nantz or Romo will feel the need to bring it up again later in the game. Now if NBC was broadcasting the game and we had Cris Collinsworth behind a mic, we would bet all the money we could get our hands on on the over. Unfortunately, Nantz and Romo are likely to be a little more subtle, making this a more complicated bet. Odds are that McVay’s age will come up again late in the game if the Rams are in a position to win. So if you like the Rams to win, this might be a nice bet for you as there is a built-in hedge as they might bring up his age again for no reason even if the Patriots are blowing them out. But keep in mind, Romo will be too busy playing fortune teller to worry about things as trivial as someone’s age, so it really comes down to whether Nantz wants to double-dip on the age comment. We’re thinking that Jim will have too much else to talk about to bother repeating himself.

Our Pick:  Under

What Will Be the Predominant Color of Adam Levine’s Top at the Start of the Halftime Show?

Black (-150) or Any Other Color (+110)

As promised, we have a bet about what Adam Levine will wear. Let’s start with the obvious – we have no clue what we’re talking about here. But we do know that on his Wikipedia page he is wearing a white shirt… and that’s good enough for us! Seriously Adam, you’re on the world’s biggest stage – let’s show a little creativity and break out some color.

Our Pick:  Any Other Color

What Color Will the Liquid Be That Is Poured on the Game-Winning Coach?

Clear/Water (+220), Lime/Green/Yellow (+225), Orange (+400), Blue (+400), Red (+600), Purple (+1000)

The winning team takes a knee and the final seconds are running off the clock. The yearlong tension is finally over – the Super Bowl Champion has been decided. You look around your Super Bowl party and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief or grabbing one last snack. That is, everyone but your buddy Steve, who’s still staring intently at the television on the edge of his seat. Suddenly, Steve erupts into a manic cheer and you look back at the television just in time to see blue Gatorade rolling down the winning coach’s back…

Doesn’t being Steve sound like fun?! He got to enjoy an extra minute of excitement, and all because he bet on the most random prop bet of them all – the Gatorade color. Just how random, you ask? Here’s the breakdown since Super Bowl XXXV:

  • Clear: 4 times
  • Orange: 4 times
  • None: 4 times
  • Yellow: 3 times
  • Purple: Twice
  • Blue: Once

To further complicate matters, the last two times the Patriots won the Super Bowl they went with blue once, and didn’t even bother to pour anything on Belichick the other time. This really is a total crapshoot, so just pick your favorite color and see what happens.

Our Pick:  Orange.  Yes, we like orange – deal with it.

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